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shimano spheros 18,000. (gainesville)

This reel has hardly been used, but still has the typical boat/jetty rash. strictly cosmetic. still smooth as hell....spooled up with probably close to 200 yds of 80lb PP. (I use it til I get spooled, but you might think she's ready for fresh). Only fought a handful of slot sized snook and a few tarpon up to 50lbs. I'm just looking to get rid of it, I have no use for it, and will be upgrading anyway. Bought it for $179.00 a little over a year ago. First person to put $121.48 in my hand takes the gold. Just recently saw one in a shop with many more signs of wear and tear, and that braniac was asking $150 for it. reply to this thread or send me a PM. Gracias mang. :machinegun
I am choice.
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