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Sorry Mr. Sebile, Your IGFA All Tackle Length Record has been surpassed!

I finally did it!
The Bass nailed a Booyah popping frog near a patch of cattails. I was working the bait extremely fast, almost cartoonish but apparently the bass didn't care!
It beats the current record by 2 cm. I'll be filling out the paperwork in the morning so this record is obviously pending approval.

Unfortunately my rapala scale was not working at the time and only wanted to record in kgs. So no gift cards for me. I emailed Rapala so hopefully I can get that resolved.
I'm stoked!

All thanks to my lovely wife who I woke up to drive out and take pictures with her nikon camera. I literally owe her so much!


I have more pictures but they wont fit on the page it seems and the uploader wont upload them either. :huh


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