Delray Beach considers new shark-fishing ban,0,6249013.story

Mayor Cary Glickstein said the ban would protect swimmers from encounters with large predators that wouldn't normally come close to shore.

Only way to put it....What a dummy.


  • JI SnookJI Snook Posts: 676 Officer
    I guess Glicky plans to have police on the shore line rounding up baitfish and throwing them in jail for inciting shark predators. Who elects these politicians?
  • RG AirRG Air Posts: 284 Deckhand
    I've been thinking of other alternatives and i think its going to be easier for everyone if we just ask sharks to not swim near shore... if you see one, ask politely. Right after i heard this story on the news they played the one below of New Smyrna where based on their shark attack rate every resident must shark fish.
  • BCDFishBCDFish Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    The article is misleading. I threatened Delray with a lawsuit if they did not repeal the ban (as the ban is illegal for a number of reasons). The amended shark fishing ordinance is a compromise on their part as now they will only ban shark fishing near the municipal beaches. I would rather have the ordinance repealed of course but this is a good compromise without having to file a lawsuit.

    The mayor obviously has no idea what swims near our beaches 24/7/365. Marco Island's shark fishing ban is on my agenda now.
  • RG AirRG Air Posts: 284 Deckhand
    They did it. Booooo
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