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A couple quick bahamas questions

bigoldredfishbigoldredfish Posts: 486 Deckhand
I am headed to Treasure Cay and then Green Turtle for a week and had a couple quick questions.

Fishing Licenses - I am renting a boat and I understand that I am covered while on the rental, but what if I want to walk down to the shore behind where we are staying and fish from the beach? Will I need a fishing license for this?

Size Limits - I have read over Bahamian bag limits several times and see that there are rules in place for number of fish and total weight of fish but are there size limits like we have here? I am primarily concerned with grouper and snapper.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


  • bigoldredfishbigoldredfish Posts: 486 Deckhand
    One more quick one. Is there something I should print and have with me when I am fishing in case I need to show where I received the regulations from? Thanks again!!!
  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,245 AG
    Your boat rental folks will be able to answer those questions and will probably provide you with a copy of the Regs. You could call them today and ask them over the phone.

    For fishing in that area, many/most rental folks will not allow you out in the ocean..... for obvious reasons, but if you ask them nicely, they may allow you to fish on the reef in front of the various Cays in that area. We used to do that all the time during our many boat rental years out of Treasure Cay in the 90s. We rented boats from JIC Rentals in TC the whole time that we were there (10-12 days or so) and because of that, I packed a 54 Qt cooler with about half of it full of boat "items" as the rentals are pretty sparsely equipped as we learned the first year that we rented in Abaco. Let me know if you need more info on that idea as I had it down to nearly a science............. If you are only renting for a day or two, I can give you a few ideas for that as well.......
  • bigoldredfishbigoldredfish Posts: 486 Deckhand
    Thank you for the info!!! We are renting from JIC Rentals in TC for 3 days. I was unaware that they wouldn't let you take the boats offshore. I guess I can unpack a few things if that is the case. I probably don't need the 27' boat anymore either.
  • C Skip RC Skip R Posts: 129 Deckhand
    Before you unpack call them it may not be a problem. Some do some don't. As far as fishing from the shore I wouldn't worry about having a license. Not sure if they are required (don't think so) but I've never seen anyone around to police it. I've done it at some of the marinas catching small snapper and no one ever asked to see a license. If you go by boat when you pay the $150 or $300 at customs (depends on size of the boat) it includes a fishing license.
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