Jupiter Yellowtail Snapper Report



  • ShoelessShoeless Posts: 2,108 Captain
    I tell ya what, when I first did the above recipe, it was friggin awesome!!!!
  • LastMangoLastMango Posts: 4,574 Officer
    It's a bit of work, but wow, fresh Snapper, never frozen (like it is in most Thai restaurants) fried whole, is really hard to beat...

    By the way, I now use a gas fryer outside to keep the "fried fish" smell out of the kitchen, a worthy investment...
  • RockNReelerRockNReeler Posts: 1,067 Officer
    Dinner bell is ringing. Thanks for the good info on depth and location!
  • Machine HeadMachine Head Posts: 2,634 Officer
    Great job on yellowtail Dave.
    Thanks for the recipe too, gonna give that a try.
    "There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats." - Kenneth Grahame
  • LastMangoLastMango Posts: 4,574 Officer
    I forgot to score the sides of the fish in the picture above, and it definitely wasn't as flaky...

    I highly recommend if you're going to do this often, buy and outdoor fryer.... Also, peanut oil REALLY makes a difference...

    One last comment... I use a thermometer and get the temp up to 375 before I put the fish in, as the temp quickly settles into the desired 350 degrees...
  • JaxJax Posts: 69 Greenhorn
    Looks great, I'll have to try it. What kind of fryer do you have?
  • RondoRondo Posts: 762 Officer
    Probably a "Skipper" fryer................................
  • LastMangoLastMango Posts: 4,574 Officer
    Something like this, but a little nicer, I'll look when I'm back at home and PM you... Skipper loves the dish, but hates the mess and the lingering smell when done inside... AND, the hood over the stove is a mess and needs a thorough cleaning every time, so this eliminates all that....

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