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miamimuttonman report 5/30/14

Today was another great day on the water, went out of turkey point ramp for the first time, cool place. we got out to the first spot to find a few boats in the area, moving around so I looked for the fish and told my customer stop and drop, sure enough we anchored in 70 feet and by the time the anchor rope stretched we had the yellow tails behind the hundreds of ballyhoo that were eating out of the chum bag. We started with one rod down as we caught some real nice size yellowtails, the bottom bite was totally dead, except we picked up two nice flags on the bottom rod to add to a total of 20 tails by the time we used up our chum in the ripping north current. After we went deep and had to end up using a 32 oz wait to hold bottom, we did not get one hit after trying three different spots marking those pink looking hard pulling beasts, just at the last spot as I said lets pull them up and call it a lock jaw day, one customer gets the much waited icing on the cake fish, this nice mutton pulled enough to give him the best fight of the day and being the biggest mutton he ever caught. tight lines IMG_7005_zps8a1398c7.jpgIMG_7002_zpseaeb5232.jpg


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