Trout Fest @ the Lagoon

It was "Trout Fest" at the Lagoon this past Saturday. Don't know about everyone else but for my brother and I it was Trout after Trout all morning long. The weather was good and didn't get quite as hot as the weather man said it would... not disappointed in any way. The Trout were beefy and fun to catch. Can do it all over again...



  • Net 30Net 30 Posts: 1,007 Officer
    Gave me a good chuckle…nicely done!
  • bighardeybighardey Posts: 418 Deckhand
    HOLY GAME OF THRONES...Hobie, great video and intro....I actually had to go microwave some popcorn and set back in the leather couch to properly prepare! Nice job man!
  • ontilttttttontiltttttt Posts: 206 Deckhand
    Previously on "Game of Trouts"....:Popcorn
  • Triple Threat 33TTriple Threat 33T Posts: 18,669 Admin
    That was awesome, great job on the video. :beer
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  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 19,729 AG

    Pray that your seagrass does not all die....or you could look back on days like I do in my home water.
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  • Panfishangler1Panfishangler1 Posts: 885 Officer
    very Cool!
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