Are my costa del mars authentic???

bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
Hi guys,I recently got my bday gift,a pair if costa del mar blackfins 580G.My wife decided to get me a pair of new ones because I have 2 pairs of the old 400s.So she asked me to do research and choose the ones I liked.I ended up with these and the best price I found locally(not Internet) was at El Capitain fishing supply(For those who don't know El Capitain is a very well known fishing store in my section,the south section).i love the way they look but when I put them on I really can't tell the difference between the 400 and the 580.I got them in blue mirror .used them on the water yesterday and spoke to someone that was wearing the 580 grey lense,I tried his on and I can tell that everything looks brighter and more blue(we were offshore on the Gulfstream).Mine look as if they only block the sun and are polarized but pretty much what any cheap pair of glasses do.Also today I stood outside switching between my 400 and the new 580 and the 400s have almost like a brighter yellow feel to my question is are mine authentic or knockoffs?I don't think that el Capitain fishing supply would jeopardize their good reputation selling knockoffs!!!!the inside of the frame say the patent # and the other leg says made in Taiwan


  • jsrodguy1jsrodguy1 Posts: 545 Officer
    El Capitan is a customer of mine and I couldn't imagine them selling anything that's not legit.
  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 4,490 Moderator
    Costa 580's all have the numbers etched in a corner of the lens
  • dilligaf84dilligaf84 Posts: 876 Officer
    I have blue and green 580s and the green are def. brighter but they are both the same as far as cutting glare.
  • bite my baitbite my bait Posts: 459 Deckhand
    Thx guys,and yes Jack hexter the right corner lens has the 580
  • The DaveThe Dave Posts: 486 Deckhand
    They are probably real. I have the blue 580 and have compared them to the blue 400 and there did not seem to be much difference visually. I have heard the eye protection is better with the 580 and you can tell the difference at the end of the day. (eye fatigue)

    On a side note -
    I also have the green 580 and can say that they are noticeably better than the green 400, likely due to the copper base vs amber base lens.
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  • zmgsvtzmgsvt Posts: 302 Deckhand
    I wear 400's all day at work, if I put on a pair of my 580's after that the difference is very noticeable. But switching back and forth between 400g's and 580g's I can't tell a difference.
  • FLDXTFLDXT Posts: 2,509 Captain
    You should have 580 etched in the corner of the glasses. I can't tell the a huge difference between the Poly lenses, but can between the low end poly and 580 glass.
  • spydermonkeyspydermonkey Posts: 765 Officer
    They are obviously fake. Since they are worthless just mail them to me and I'll dispose of them. Ill pm you my address.
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  • PHOTOPHOTO Posts: 145 Officer
    Those are hideous bro.
  • superdupersuperduper Posts: 1,927 Captain
    i cant see em....
  • tyxpxtyxpx Posts: 390 Officer
    Take them to a big authorized dealer of Costa and compare to a set of those. Pay attention to how the letters and numbers are shaped and the hinges.
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