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.50 Caliber Flintlock Muzzleloader Set:- Hawken Rifle and Pedersoli Pistol

For Sale Flintlock Muzzleloading rifle/pistol Set. Both guns new, perfect condition, never fired , only displayed. without the boxes or manuals.

1. FR1332 DGW Hawken Rifle - .50 Caliber Flint. Named for the Hawken brothers of St. Louis, Missouri, who furnished guns to the fur trade and made this style rifle famous. Dixie's Hawken is an excellent reproduction of those plains type rifles and a perfect choice for the hunter. Now available in .50 caliber flintlock in both right hand and left hand versions. STOCK Halfstock European walnut Satin finish 29 1/2" length 2 3/4" drop 14" trigger pullBARREL .50 caliber Blued 28 3/4" Octagon - 15/16" flats Hooked breech Cut rifling .010" deep 1-48" twist 5 lands - .500 & 5 grooves - .520 Front sight - blued steel w/bead, .350 dovetail Rear sight - blued steel, adjustable for windage & elevation IGNITION Flintlock - 3/4" size flint FEATURES Brass furniture Color casehardened engraved lockplate Double set/double phase triggers 45 1/2" length 9 lbs. ACCESSORIES 3/8" hardwood ramrod w/brass tips - (1) 10 x 32 thread Vent 6mm x 7.5 LOAD 60 gr. FFg .490 round ball .015 patch (or) .50 conical bullet MFG. Investarms / Italy Brass not polished Research DGW Hawken Rifle .50 flint at at: http://www.dixiegunworks.com by entering FR1332 in search field]

2. FH0935 Pedersoli Kentucky Pistol - Flint .50 Caliber
Fullstock – birds head type grip. European walnut. Barrel is .50 caliber. 10 3/8” octagon. 1 in 18” twist. Front sight is a steel base & blade, 3/8” dovetail. Rear sight is a steel open style, 3/8” dovetail. Features a brass triggerguard , sideplate and thimbles."Iron Mountain" commemorative plate. Color casehardened lock and nosecap. Overall length is 15 ½” and weighs 2 ½ pounds. Manufactured by Pedersoli/Italy. Research Pedersoli kentucky pistol .50 at: http://www.dixiegunworks.com by entering FH0935 in the search field

Purchased new for $920 . Selling both for $525. Location, Port Charlotte, FL


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