10th St ramp in Saraosta....Big thanks

to the person who backed their trailer into my visiting parent's brand new Acura MDX and took off. They haven't even made a payment on it yet. Scum.


  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,167 Captain
    Ugh that sucks man. I hate that crap.
    I had a guy lose his shopping cart on a SUPER windy day at Home Depot and watched it slam into the back of my Range Rover. Dented it up and left orange all over it. Walked up and told him about it and he had the nerve to tell me it wasn't his and that he had just got there... as I had just walked past him, said hi, and watched him unload his cart of stuff.

    Gotta love the scumbags.
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  • dbourbondbourbon Posts: 115 Deckhand
    The moral of this story is that if you have a nice car or SUV you have no business being at a boat ramp or a big box store. It really sucks when you do your best to take care where you park or how you take care of your vehicles no one else really gives a rats rear end.
  • Joey ButtonsJoey Buttons Posts: 11,849 AG
    People suck.

    Rescue a dog.
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  • JesseJesse Posts: 13 Greenhorn
    When did it happen? I was there monday night.
  • frankiezfrankiez Posts: 394 Deckhand
    I went to a Sears and got there right before it opened. My car was the only car in the parking lot. I walked to the door and after realizing that it wouldnt be open for another 15 minutes, decided to wait in my car. After 5 minutes in my vehicle another car pulls up next to mine. An old man gets out of his car and when he opened his door it banged into my car with such force that it actually shook the car. As he walked past my car I yelled to him and asked him what was his problem. His reply "it wasnt me!". I was flabbergasted. I SO wanted to kick his door in and say the same thing to him. I was pissed. I wouldve been satisfied with an " I'm sorry". But to deny it?!
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