Tarpon Reel Advice - Best Option?

Catching a big tarpon in SWFL has been a goal of mine since I moved to the area around a year ago. It's yet to materialize and since the tarpon are finally here again I've decided that I want to invest in a tarpon outfit so I can really chase them this year.

I don't have an unlimited budget for this one and I'm already leaning towards a Teramar rod since I've heard good things and the price is right. I'm struggling to narrow it down on a reel though. I've been researching the Penn Battle 8000 and the Shimano Baitrunner 12000 but can't make up my mind (I've got about $200 to spend on the reel). Besides the baitrunner feature the reels are pretty similar - both have over 500yds of line capacity, both have 25lbs of drag, and both weigh around 30 ounces.

Does anyone have a strong opinion about one being better than the other? I've used both reels before but I'm not sure if there is a difference in the durability of them in the long run or are any other reels I should look at (Spinfishers etc...)?

I'll be casting at them off the beach and fishing from the boat.



  • LGILGI Posts: 348 Officer
    I would check out the Quantum Cabo 60. I have fished the old ones for years and I hear the new model is even better and if you look you can find them online around $200.
  • BlueRacerBlueRacer Posts: 84 Greenhorn
    The Teramars are great. I use TMS-80H for tarpon with 50 braid. Many would say use the next heavier action, but I like to throw BaitBusters and threadfins. The new Cabo 60 has a great drag, weighs 24 oz, and perfectly holds a 300 yard spool of PowerPro Super Slick.
  • MegalopsAMegalopsA Posts: 33 Deckhand
    Thanks for the advice guys. I settled on a Teramar TMS80H with a Cabo 60. I love it - much lighter reel that the penn and shimano models I was looking at and its very smooth. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to put the drag to the test yet. Had boat issues Sunday morning and although we saw quite a few fish while sitting stranded none of them were interested in the threads or mullet we tossed their way.
  • Baja280Baja280 Posts: 440 Deckhand
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