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Howdy y'all

Just wanted to ask for your expert, unbiased, and very competent opinions on an upcoming investment I plan on making.

Mission: Purchase a durable, longlasting lightweight spin combo for everything inshore - reds in the groves, snook on the beach, blues from the pier, and the occasional yakking excursion. Here's the catch: I need a travel rod that I can break down and take on a plane with me

I own several shimano reels and i am very VERY satisfied with their performance. However, rather than purchase a pricier stradic I was thinking of making the leap to a "brand new Penn fishing reel" (see video below) and was considering the Spinfisher V 4500. I don't want the Penn Battle as i've read of paint corrosion issues. Nothing against Shimano, I love their stuff, but I have never owned a Penn and it's about time.

The question is, what is a good travel rod to pair a 4500 Spinfisher with? :huh I was looking at the St Croix tidemasters (travel version comes with a nice PVC case):

I like the longer, 7'6" model. i personally prefer longer sticks (thats what she said) but not sure if I should go with the Medium or the Medium Heavy. I would spool the Spinfisher 4500 with 10-15lb Power Pro and would probably be throwing light artificials at times, heavier live bait rigs other times. However I think the Medium may not have the backbone for big snook/reds, on the other hand I don't think the medium heavy would allow me to get distance or finesse with lighter presentations.

Any advice for which rod would be better for me? M or MH? Also does anyone know of any other quality travel inshore sticks (ie the Okuma Nomad series is a bit less pricey than the tidemaster) to pair with the 4500 Spinfisher?

Thanks y'all, tight lines :fishing


PS here is the reaction i'll have to deal with when making this purchase:


  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,333 Moderator
    You say inshore right? So why not go cheaper on the rod and get an Ugly Stick 7ft medium 2-piece for $50?
    Also, the spinfishers are a bit heavy (I have a 6500 for offshore kayak duty), you sure you didn't want to try the Penn Conflict? its not water-tight like the Spinfisher, but its basically a Battle with better bearings and newer paint (which hasn't yet been reported to have the same flaking issues).
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  • pergatronpergatron Posts: 251 Deckhand
    thanks, makes sense. only reason I mentioned the travel rod is because id like to have something that breaks down small enough so I can take it on board a plane and not have to check it in. with a 2 piece 7 footer (3.5 ft each) not sure id get away with it every time.
  • pergatronpergatron Posts: 251 Deckhand
    ill also look at the conflict reel vs the spin v. thanks again
  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,333 Moderator
    good luck. let us know what you find out about airline regulations.
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  • seanfishseanfish Posts: 254 Deckhand
    jcanracer wrote: »
    good luck. let us know what you find out about airline regulations.

    With a 7ft rod you will need a 3piece most of the time. With a 6'6 you can sometimes get away with a 2 piece.
  • BallaCoiPersiciBallaCoiPersici NW Italy (Laveno Mombello)Posts: 4,743 Captain
    With a 7'6" 3 pieces you need a huge luggage (I already have some issues with 7' 3 pieces).
    Tidemaster is great, but if you want to save a lot of money try Tsunami spin travel rod (search on ebay).
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  • Gmanwi53Gmanwi53 Posts: 44 Greenhorn
    I have never had a problem flying with 2 pc 7 1/2 rod -- tidemaster med has lots of "***" --will handle 90% of the fish you will run across -- the M/H is pretty beefy, way too beefy for my taste for inshore -- if interested PM me I am in Milwaukee and can let you test drive one --I have a couple 3 pc TM's and some 2 pc ones also.
  • joemadejoemade Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    TFO has some great inshore 3 piece travel rods
  • jaredman1000jaredman1000 Posts: 196 Officer
    check out mhx blanks there about half the price .
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  • dribeerfehtdribeerfeht Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    I was traveling quite a bit, and started buying travel rods about 10 years ago. Salt and Freshwater. Fly, spinning, and baitcasting. I'm on a budget, and cant afford the more expensite $150+ rods.
    I have 3 Cabelas Salt Stryker and Tourney Trail travel rods. They are about $125. Both series are a good value. The tip guide is smaller on the tourney if you tie a 30# flouro leader directly on your line, the size of the knot may be tight going through the tip. Just a thought. The Salt Stryker caught and jumped some huge tarpon in in the Keys last Summer.
    I also have Bass Pro Extreme travel rods, which are also good value, and Browning (bought at Bass Pro) travel rods (around $100 & $125
    . The browning MH in baitcaster is one of my favorites. Its caught redfish, snook, and small tarpon. Again, take a look at the diameter of the tip guide. If you are serious about any of those brands, let me know, and I will open up the tubes to look at which tips are better for saltwater leaders.
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