Sunset Snakehead Kayak Fishing

The plan wasn't to go fishing at sunset, our goal was to get there with some daylight and stay there until night. we been seeing a lot of pictures on instagram with people catching enormous snakeheads at night time so we figure we would give it a try on the yaks. so we left miami and the traffic was horrible, we ended up getting there around 7 giving us less than an hour of daylight... but guess what? we got so many hits during that time that I lost count.

Snakeheads will usually hit once and theyre gone, but dont be fooled at low light theyre a completly different animal. we got 1, 2 and even 3 hits sometimes and at times we even paddled close to the are where we had previously casted and spooked the fish right next to the bank. My buddy Yandro caught a nice 30 incher right next tto the launching point and she was fat! unfortunately I take the blame for dropping her in the water after a fast dead roll. I landed another one later and he landed another 24 incher after.

regarding the night time experience. it is completly dark you dont even know where to cast and mosquitoes werent too bad but it couldve been ugly if i didnt have any repelent on me. In my opinion... it is not worth it. if you wanna catch snakehead go early in the morning right before sunrise all the way till 10 the bite is hot then at sunset from 5 till 8 you have 3 solid hours of bites everywhere remember to let the fish take the frog put the rod tip down and count till 1, 2 in your head then slam the rod up to set the hook hard. you should get a strong run to the middle of the canal! have fun!

by the way I dont kill the snakes unless I want to take one home to eat. it is recommended for you to kill them but you dont have to if you don't want to. fun fish to catch no reason to kill them.

here is some pictures from yesterday.

Yandro with a 24inch Snakehead and myself with a 30 incher.

Also a little video of the 30 incher

and a video of our team catches
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