Sea-Cure Marine Nets

I just started a small business making high quality marine grade bungee nets for boats. We have over T-Top nets to hold down bean bags, under T-top nets to hold up life vests, deck nets to hold down rafts and tubes, ATV nets, and personal watercraft nets. All of the hooks on our marine application nets are custom cut from Starboard, and the bungee is custom made for us and wrapped in a polyethylene yarn which offers the highest UV and Saltwater resistance. Please visit the site to take advantage of boat show pricing and free shipping till April 1! Please pm me with any questions.


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    Still have time to order with free shipping! Don't miss out!
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    Get a free 5 pack of Sea-Cure Weight Sox when you purchase a net, or just order a 5 pack from the site. Sea-Cure Weight Sox stop your fishing weights from turning into wrecking balls. A very inexpensive way to protect your passengers and your boat!
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    Stop losing your gear & free up storage space in your boat! Our 4 sizes can accommodate all of your storage needs. With hunting season quickly approaching, our ATV net can is perfect for carrying items on your ATV rack.

    Our nets are marine grade nets made to withstand UV rays along with saltwater. We take pride in advertising that they are 100% made in the USA! The nets are made from the same material that trampoline beds are made and all hooks on the nets are cut from starboard.
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