Miamimuttonman Report 4/16/14 (think pink) lots of pics 19 muttons

The trip started out of Matheson Hammock, we worked our way south of Fowey and got to a spot in 60 feet and I had the ball of tails come up real close, my customers got excited and I saw they were 12 to 14 inch fish, we caught one and they were so close we could see they averaged around the same, so we did not fish for them my intention here, was fresh bait and they did not show. So I told them , lets go to another spot in 70 feet 3 miles away and within minutes we had the ball again behind us, but not that close and again no bait. We began to catch nice size yellow tails averaging 16 to 18 inches, after catching 13 tails we decided that it was time to take advantage of the good current flow to the south and go deeper for the muttons, so we had some frozen hoos and frozen speedo and decided to go with that. We get to a spot and I see a boat close by in the vicinity of my intended anchor drop, to fall back to my spot, so I did not want to interfere with his fishing, so I just told my customer lets follow the drop of and sig sag until we mark the fish and a quarter mile away, I see them marking real good and I marked a drop spot and as my customer went over it , I said drop and the drift put us 14 feet from the fish after the rope got tight. Step one done. The screen was loaded. I put them all on the bottom rods, all three and 20 minutes went by and not a bite, my customer said Benny you try it as I did on our last trip, where I hook a mutton within 3 minutes, this time it took a little longer more like five I almost left the spot but , the screen was marking a load of fish so I gave it a couple minutes and brought up the first fish, that weighed on the Boga grip 13 pounds, after I bring this fish in Al get hit and is fighting another and then Cal is on another fish on the other side, these fish were all big, I had a flash back and remembered, Captain Greg, from times on the Yankee Capts when we would get to a sunset spot and he would be marking a lot of fish and no one was catching for a few minutes while people would take the time to eat and he would sit there a few minutes longer and then , The bite started and the floor all around the boat would be pink and the mates would not have time to take each fish off the hook as they had to gaff another. Great times, with a great Capt.
To get back to our story we kept catching all my three customers, Cal/AL/Carlos all had fought fish, to the point they asked me to try it again, So I grab my rod and go down and AL hooks up next to me and I’m getting a big run off , I wait to make sure its not his fish, even though we had our rods pointing away from each other and had tossed the bait far apart, its good to make sure and my line was peeling and since I had a big speedo head I let him run and start reeling, then I’m in a hurry fighting this fish hard to get it up so I can help Al which was still fighting his, then I notice a drag in my line and told Al slowly lift just keep him on the line and crank slow by now the fish has slowed his fight as we were deep. I see both leaders tangled, grab my leader and grabbed his leader and gave it to Carlos as I reach over and grab my fish pulled him in, Carlos lifted the other fish and the hook came out and the fish drops back in the water and is floating for a second, while all of us are screaming get the net, he gets the net lifts the fish and the net brakes and he is left with the handle in his hand, so he reached over the side and grabs the rim of the net and finally the story ends happy, his fish was the biggest of the day weighed on the scale 20 pounds mine was another 15 pounder. After we kept catching and lost a few and the bite dropped so we ended up with 19 muttons one Margate and 13 yellowtails and another customer that booked two more trips. Tight lines and get out to turn that cooler pink.IMG_5850_zpsaaae6051.pngIMG_5848_zps43e9b046.png1ecd46fc-513c-49df-aad6-4a8e68515d17_zps3e92b33f.pngIMG_0445_zpsbfaa611b.jpgIMG_5389_zpsa2fc4d63.jpgIMG_1204_zps1e73bed5.jpgIMG_5853_zpsad7ea416.pngIMG_5852_zps57d81195.pngIMG_6736_zpsd306699c.jpgIMG_5851_zpsfa6eb92c.pngIMG_5679_zps27c82a2e.pngIMG_9239_zps424f5dea.jpgIMG_5392_zps4c211e6f.jpgIMG_5549_zps5715683b.jpgIMG_1331_zpsa69d7fe6.jpg[img][/img]IMG_5562_zps379f606c.jpgIMG_5708_zps167f1a34.pngIMG_1525_zps628149d8.jpgIMG_8228_zpsc7042f30.jpgIMG_9479_zps1621cf2f.jpg


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