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If you've got the time. Go for some tarpon

Put in this morning around 9am at beach blvd ramp. Headed toward Pablo to get away from that WNW wind. Was ripping. Got to first bend and decided to sit in the slick calm over a nice hole. Kept seeing some big splashes. Got into few bluefish so thought maybe theres some bombers mixed in. 100% wrong. About 5 minutes later saw huge swirl by my spinner bait. The tarpon were at it. Saw some nice juveniles rolling mustve been between 10lb on some smalls to few easy 50+lbers. Immediately threw my lobster sized shrimp under so cork to just try. Swim baits, no good. Spoon? Nope. Topwater? Ya right. They werent havin it. If you have some time and few nice lively mullet go sit on em. Least fool around while theyre there. My sonar was marking like mad at 14-18ft and theyd slash up n down water column. No luck here but maybe the next guy.



  • samsiam74samsiam74 Posts: 2,215 Captain
    Wow!!! didn't know the water was warm enough to hold 'em yet....
  • JizzoJizzo Posts: 1,362 Officer
    Nice heads up....its all about the right size mullet. I'be had em feeding right in front of me in Vilano and couldn't get a bite cuz my mullet was to small. Right place wrong bait.

    I'll get one day......:cool
  • LefflerCustomsLefflerCustoms Posts: 258 Officer
    Ever since I moved to Jacksonville, this has been the fish that has stumped me most! thanks for the heads up, I can't believe they are already here!
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  • SpongkingSpongking Posts: 959 Officer
    Water temp was pushing 65 degrees. Still touch cool but they're there. For not catching much at least you see the target. Even if it js just swimming by your baits taunting you. Ha. I mixed between few float rigs, 1 rod all lures, and 2 on the bottom soakin. Lets just say with current me and the wife didnt have much time to relax. My big takeaway was Get A Stern Anchor!!!! Swinging back and forth was driving me insane.

  • ChillyChilly Posts: 515 Officer
    Tarpon already? I was reading 66 degrees in addition to very few bait pods in the inlet. Im skeptical...
  • OnTop~170OnTop~170 Posts: 509 Officer
    I think the juvenile tarpon stay there year round. There are numerous freshwater springs in pablo..
  • JDonovanJDonovan Posts: 42 Deckhand
    Those were probably garr. We caught a 5 ft. one on an x-rap back there about 5 years ago. They are all over the place back there and they roll just like a tarpon. But I could be wrong.
  • ChippyDieselChippyDiesel Posts: 457 Officer
    I think I saw you anchored in that nice little sheltered spot from the wind by the first dock. We were also seeking shelter from the wind and that was deffinatly the best bet. I have to agree that I always see tons of gar rolling in that creek, each time I get excited and throw what ever I have tied on in thei direction and never have any luck. Like Donovan said, could be wrong. Did manage to find a couple of nice reds back in there.
  • SpongkingSpongking Posts: 959 Officer
    Ive never seen garr before, in person anyway. Its possible but im almost certain seeing them right off the boat that i was looking at sardines. But im open to the idea of garr.

    But it was a nice little area out of the wind. If im gunna stay out gotta keep the misses happy. She gets cold and thats a wrap on the day. Lol
  • ASUjagASUjag Posts: 57 Deckhand
    I caught a gar in that area as well, didnt get him to chew on anything tho, foul hooked while trolling
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  • pilingjunkypilingjunky Posts: 2,044 Officer
    There's Tarpon year round around Pablo. And gar.
  • reedreed Posts: 322 Officer
    Nothing really looks like a gar...except a gar!
  • OnTop~170OnTop~170 Posts: 509 Officer
    I hooked a big gar last summer back in pablo on t opwater. Only time I ever caught one in there. I hear they are easy on the fly rod..
  • Shadowcast777Shadowcast777 Posts: 157 Officer
    Yep there are plenty of gar in there and trout and small reds. Usually on the weekend there are at least 6-10 live bait boats in there but a good spot to get out of the wind
  • OnTop~170OnTop~170 Posts: 509 Officer
    Amen to that. And during the week at sunrise 0
  • SpongkingSpongking Posts: 959 Officer
    The mystery continues. Hope to see what happens this weekend. Try to get to bottom of this riddle. Good luck to anyone able to make it out.

  • O$PRAYO$PRAY Posts: 149 Officer
    Poons in 65 degree water? Now there's something you don't see EVERYDAY. But we got more indigenous snook now too so go figgur!!!
    Normally poons vanish like a virgin on prom night when the temp goes below 72 'round these parts and I don't waste time live baiting 'em until the temp hits > 75 at the inlet and they start causin' a ruckus with bait schools. Thanks for the heads up Spongking...
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