Crystal River 3/30 Windy!

It was my birthday earlier in the week so the weekend was considered my birthday weekend so we had to fish. Got a cheap dart board the night before and played for like 6 hours :rotflmao My dad got a little drunk after 11 or so and it got more an more interesting. Surprisingly the next day he doesn't remember a thing and is perfectly fine and ready to fish so off we went. So freakin windy and got rough couldn't make it the the discharge it was so windy, hide behind the intake channel for a little to think of what to do while we trolled with no luck. Hit the humps for a few minutes and picked up some silver trout on shrimp. Then hid from the wind by the beach an salt river picking up some sea trout and mackeral. Got bored and headed to st martins channel outside the island and couldn't get away from the ladyfish. Jake only used mirrodines and I used them a little to get the trout and mackeral then got some ladyfish on topwater before going back to mirrodines. My dad only used weightless jerk worms like he does every time like he's bass fishing. First trip with the go pro missed the video of my trout but got a little of a couple of my dads. Water temp dropped to like 63 in most parts and got to 66 later on. Its hard to plan a trip with wind when we can't go skinny like some people and hide from it. Still had fun tho

Here's the Video


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