Late report. Thursday 3/27 Crystal River

With all the reports of snook being caught, I grabbed the kids and headed south. For me anyway. lol Was also hoping to see some poons rolling but it is a bit early still. Got the boat in the water around 7 and headed out. Did not take long for me to find a snook. With in 20 minutes of fishing I had a good one buttoned up. Got it to the boat and measured him at 34 inches. Fished this area for about 45 more minutes with out a hit and decided to move to one of my redfish holes down that way. With the over cast conditions and the large amount of rocks in this spot, I tied on skitter walks for all three of us. My first cast, I get blasted. Same for Josh. but neither button up. We fished this rock pile for about an hour. I missed about 10 fish and boated 3, Josh missed about the same but had a bull red sky rocket on him. Fish was around 15 pounds. Unfortunately I think he saw us when he was 3 feet in the air. Jacob had about the same as us but did manage to boat one. With the tide now getting higher the bite shut down here. Time to move to another red hole. Was hoping the whole time to find another snook. Got to this spot and it was about like the other. Boated 4 or 5 reds and missed about 15. That's how topwater fishing goes. Still the most fun way to fish.

I do like the view from up here

I even caught a few from up top. And Rodney, I made Josh land my fish, Hand me my fish, Take a pic of my fish, Un-hook my fish, and put it in the box. Never came down.

The reason I drove an extra hour.


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