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Cold Wednesday ....

I love weekday fishing when I get the chance. And when its 40 degrees out and windy, I can have any parking spot I want at the boat ramp. I knew it was gonna be cold but I was hoping the wind was gonna die down....it did...for about 45 minutes...then came right back up again.

We didn't have much action in the creeks this morning....like...not a bite.


So we got bored and started finding other things to play with.


Caught a slob pinfish.


When the tide slacked we fished a few bridge pilings with no luck. The Little Jetties must have been our 10th spot. As soon as the tide started coming back in we started getting bites. I love low tide fishing. It just seems more natural to me. Its been a long time since I had anything to report so two fat sheepies is a big deal to me.



Nice to have some fresh fish in the house again. I couldn't wait to fry some up.



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