Steinhatchee Trailer Repair?

Can anyone recommend a place in the Steinhatchee area for replacing a bearing kit on a boat trailer? I think my seal has gone bad and will need to be replaced. I learned several years ago that replacing bearings/seals is not my forte so I'd rather just take it somewhere is possible.


  • brotherinlawbrotherinlaw Posts: 3,196 Captain
    Paul Levy, can't find his number but he is just west of town heading toward Keaton. You will see a sign post with several name/placads on it. One of them says LEVY. Turn right and he is down on the right.

    He has done good work for me in the past.
  • Red612Red612 Posts: 284 Deckhand
    I know there is a marine mechanic shop there on Jena side down on the south side of the road as your coming into town from Casey`s Cove.

    Good Luck
  • Gator4LifeGator4Life Gainesville,FlPosts: 576 Officer
    I'm not much of a mechanic myself but if you want to do it the easy way and not have to pay labor. I go to Texas Trailors in Gainesville and buy the whole hub for $75. I keep one in my truck just in case of emergency. All there is to it is backing out the cotter pin and then taking the bolt off. You can remove the whole hub and replace.Take your boat trailor or the hub after you pulled it, there to make sure you get the right size. Keep the old hub so if you ever have one go out on you you'll have one that can limp you back home.
  • reddawgreddawg Posts: 140 Deckhand
    Josh, Gator4Life is spot on. If you plan to trailer the boat for tournaments, you should have a spare hub with you. Relatively cheap and easy to replace on the side of the road.
  • JC_UF_ITKJC_UF_ITK Posts: 489 Deckhand
    I have the stainless hubs from Rolls Axle and they are out of the hub assemblies at this time. I will purchase a spare hub from him when he gets them back in stock, but will need to get mine fixed in the meantime. I might just purchase a spare from Texas Trailers and switch it out with my current hub until I can get the bearing/seal fixed.
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