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Palm Beach Fishing Company w E$ and B$ 3/31 Double Header sails for Venezuela Boys!!

Was stoked to get booked for 1/2 day PM trip w “The Venezuela Boys”.
Cobalt blue water past 80’. At least 1.5 knots of North current, and N winds about 10 MPH in 3-5’ swells spaced out.

Put out a 6 line spread (2 kites w 2 each, 1 flat 1 deep) mix of sardines and gogs.

First 1/2 hour was dead then got SMOKED on deep bait. Fought deep for 20 minutes, rushed to surface like cobe, then pulled the hook.”
About 5 minutes later Captain Brian (Eagle Eye) yells out, QUAD OF SAILS TAILING down sea !!~

Chinese Fire drill ensued when 3 of the 4 kite baits get woofed!! We get tight on 2 (lost the third) but was cool to see 3 sails tight and jumping
In different direction!! We got clean releases on BOTH sails, left fish IN the water, and reset. :angel

Quick video of "Venezuelan" fire drill. (Vato Loco Ese"!!) LOL :blowkiss:grin

Reset and deep bait SMOKED again. Not sure if it was a cobe. Shark or whatever, but it dumped 200+ yards and straightened out 2x treble.

Felt good to fish w these guys and get their FIRST EVER sails. Thx Larry + Brian. (birds eating chicken tonite)
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20 years experience Offshore & Bahamas ( Sailfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Swordfish & Bottom Fish.)
(I teach people how to be more effective AND catch MORE and BIGGER fish on their own boats!)
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