Removing hull paint?

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I am looking at a used boat with black hull paints, it old and unkept. What would it take for me to remove this paint ? After removing the paint what will need to be done to the hull to bring it back to a proper appearence and function?
Also it would intricate the hull was left in the water as they had the hull painted, what type of damage can/should I look for on a used boat that may have been kept on the water?
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  • FS DanFS Dan Posts: 2,351 Moderator
    Fishon, soda blasting is one way. It will leave a little of the bottom paint on that can then be sanded to gel coat and buffed out.
    If the bottom paint was done with an appropriate epoxy barrier coat, then sitting in the water shouldn't be an issue. All you need to look for is osmotic blistering.
    Any experience boatyard can identify if its a problem.

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