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New combo please help

I am looking for a new rod and reel (for my birthday)for tarpon/kingfish/or what ever takes my trolley. I fish from piers, and am looking for a conventional reel, but am open to be convinced to go to spinning if I have to. I want to keep it a sport, I don't want a broom stick paired with a winch. The smaller the better. In your guys opinion which of the following reel would you guys choose, diawa saltist 50ld (either single or 2 speed), accurate boss fury 600, penn fathom 40, avet lx or hxw, or any others that you can come up with, I will be using strait mono , or maybe with some backing. Rod I'm still picking out but again smaller is better and longer is better with a long butt section, and ideas? THANK YOU. Anything is appreciated


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