End of March, Homosassa

We didn't have very good weather this past week, but the fish didn't seem to care one bit! The key was to stay out of the wind and go in-between the bad stuff. For example, Today we had some insane, nasty weather in the morning that lasted till about 230 or 3, but after all that crap passed, we were able to get out on the water and the bite was on! If you are after Red Fish, anchor up on the rocky points on the incoming tide and use cut bait. It made no sense, we would sight cast nice reds with lures and shrimp and they wouldn't touch it, then I would come back 20 minutes later, anchor as far as possible away from the point and cast chunks of lady fish over to the point. And BAM (5 mins later…) we would be hooked up. For those of you who don't know a lot about red fish, they are very territorial, especially the bigger fish. I often sight a school of fish, then come back 20-45 minutes later and throw cut bait at the spot where I saw the fish. This is a great way for people new to the area to find some solid reds and get them on the hook. Just remember to stake out as far away from the spot as you can. I also try to pay attention to which way the fish are moving, this will help you pick you next spot in the same area. The trout have been eating good, I have had some great luck on the UnFair sinking shrimp, and the regular size mirodines. Work the baits slow! Good luck out there Guys!

Capt. Zach Hoffman
Fish till your arms fall off.....


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