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Out of area report- Pensacola Grouper Diggin!

I headed back to my hometown of Pensacola last week and was greeted with some beautiful weather. Decided to take advantage of the weather window and do an overnighter for some Swordfish and deep dropping. We fished our way out to 800ft(40 miles) and set up put spread (3 50wides with live Beeliners, Pink snapper and a 2ft long squid as bait)....unfortunately, we could not buy a bite from Mr Swordfish, so we drifted and woke up right on top of our Golden tile spot in 580ft...we drifted the spots a few times with only 2 small Tiles to show for it. We pulled in the lines and headed to our Grouper holes....after we went to the 2nd set of rocks, we found a great Scamp bite and put 4 nice ones in the box (8-13lbs and lost a few bigger ones)....after that we drifted a few more spots with only 1 Snowy grouper to show for it. we then headed in closer and laid the smackdown on some mondo beeliners(3-4lbers) with the additional big pink snappers and a nice lane to add to the mix.

Bait used was squid and live Pinfish.

Hopefully ill be posting a local report soon (Cobia :cool:) but until then, ya'll tear em up!


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