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Line weight, how much backing?

SnooknuggetzSnooknuggetz Posts: 42 Deckhand
I just got a Shimano Stella 4k series paired with a st croix legend series 6-17 lb. med action, and I'm looking to use it as a jigging rod/ live bait free lining. My question is what size braid should I use. I use spider-wire invisibraid and their options consist of 10 lb. or 15 lb. I'm targeting red/snook and I want to know if 10 is too light to where I'll be getting snapped of constantly or if I should go with 15 and risk loosing casting distance. Also, when I'm looking to fill my spool how much backing should I use before I throw the braid on there? Thanks guys/gals


  • Anclote KeyAnclote Key Posts: 2,354 Officer
    Nice combo. I like #15 for snook and reds personally. Most likely you're going to be tight to the mangroves so the extra strength helps, and accurate casts are probably more important than distance for snook and reds. As far as backing goes you want enough so that the braid fills the spool. Hard to say exactly. I usually use about 25 yards of mono and then 150 yards of braid on a 4000 size reel. You could always have a tackle shop do it for you too.
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  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    Are you going to be fishing around structure like docks or mangroves or rocks? If so, go with the 15... If you are fishing open water use the 10 and you will be fine. As for the backing, how much braid are you planning on putting on your reel?
  • superdupersuperduper Posts: 1,927 Captain
    put as much backing as it takes to fit how much braid you want.
    i usually put as much braid as possible on. 15# is what i would go with. you should be able to put about 275 yards of 15. or about 300 yards of 10. with just a few wraps of mono to back it.

    i have a light set up with 10 for trout, bonefish, reds, snook, whatever. 10# will probably break at about 20, so no worries on strength. just worries about diameter around structure.
    i have a set up with 15 for trout reds snook, whatever. 15 will break at around 25. so no worries on strength there either.
    you wont lose very much casting distance with 15 vs 10. my favorite line would be 15.

    the choice is yours.
  • TroutSupportTroutSupport Posts: 132 Deckhand
    not much issue with loss of distance with those choices. I fish around a lot of heavy structure and use 40 and don't really notice much loss in casting distance. Use a Fluoro leader in the 20lb range and you'll avoid a lot of break offs.
  • Jack HexterJack Hexter New Port RicheyPosts: 5,016 Moderator
    I like about 125 yards of braid, and for snook/reds near cover, I like 20#. You won't loose any appreciable casting distance and there isn't a snook or red in the world that would take that much line off the reel. Fill the reel with backing to the point where you can get the 125 yards on the reel and then put the braid on. Or, like as suggested, take it to a tackle shop and let them fill it. They are used to filling reels, off their bulk spools and can make an educated guess as to how much backing to put on and still leave room for sufficient braid.
  • lifegoesonlifegoeson Posts: 338 Deckhand
    15 or 20lb line is what I would go with, I like a small spool on top with about 50 yards of mono 10 or 15lb.

    Small spools depending on brand are from 100yds to 150yds, and I don't like my spool to be filled all the way up as I find with a full spool that first 50' of line is more of a problem then help so I save the hassle.
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