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Aquabound Carbon paddles ?

jriverajrivera Posts: 171 Deckhand
Hi guys, did a search here to see if any have tried Aquabound's Carbon Swell paddles and could not find any reviews. Since I am like 99% percent sure I will be getting a trident 13 this summer I want to have the best paddle for it, especially since I plan on going offshore and will be doing a lot of paddling. Anyone familiar with these models ? I'm ok with spending money on a quality paddle as that's important but is the full carbon paddle overkill ? Both are low angle paddles. Don't want to make a mistake on buying the wrong one and then pay for it lol.

http://aquabound.com/kayak-paddles/performance/swell-carbon $374.00 to $395.00

http://aquabound.com/kayak-paddles/performance/swell $274.00


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