Stud Hoo 3/23

I was supposed to work today...but i had some friends in town from Georgia and they wanted to fish and drink on the boat today. They twisted my arm and we headed to south beach last night for some sinning ;-) After getting tore down and waking up at the crack of 11, we woke up and saw how sick the weather was, loaded the boat and headed east!!!

Found some small dolphin in about 500ft, caught a few for dinner and kept heading east. We thougt about heading to bimini, but we already had fish on board and the day was still young!! Around 1pm slow trolling a mix of lures and ballys the right long gets smoked!!! Fish wasn't jumping so i had a feeling it was a nice wahoo. After about 15 minutes of tug and war...this was our reward!!! First nice hoo i've landed locally in awhile...we were all stoked!!


I'm off all week starting are gonna die this week!!!


  • JustinZJustinZ Posts: 104 Officer
    Way to go Jeremy. That is one hell of a wahoo. Great job.
  • gsweavergsweaver Posts: 847 Officer
    awesome report!
  • GT FishGT Fish Posts: 9,448 Officer
  • TLUVTLUV Posts: 265 Officer
    That's a stud for sure! Good work.
  • miami muttonmiami mutton Posts: 1,098 Officer
    That is a stud Wahoo for sure, what a monster your a big guy and it still looks huge. Did you get a weight on it. Congrats
  • followotherboatsfollowotherboats Posts: 445 Deckhand
    VERY nice hoo and congrats. Looks around the 45-50 pound range to me.
  • FinestKindFinestKind Posts: 170 Deckhand
    Awesome catch! Congrats, heard you on ch8 talking to another boat about your Wahoo Sunday.

    I tried trolling for them for a couple hours in the AM before we set up inshore for Yellowtails.
    Went from 50 feet out to 800 with a high speed Braid Bonito on a heavy drail. Tried from 8 mph on up to 15 mph, straight troll, zig zag....nothing worked, no hits again. :(

    Still looking for my first local Wahoo on my own boat down here, any tips you could pass on specifically for targeting Hoos?
    Finest Kind
  • danmanswagdanmanswag Posts: 515 Officer
    Awesome man! Havent caught a wahoo like that in Miami....ever lol
  • sammy2189sammy2189 Posts: 998 Officer
    Hobie outback
  • Bsmith48Bsmith48 Posts: 162 Deckhand
    Wow what a fish. Congrats!!
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  • Flyers UpFlyers Up Posts: 655 Officer
    Wow nice job for sure.
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Very very nice fish! The outfit, not so much. :)
  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    dpdash wrote: »
    Very very nice fish! The outfit, not so much. :)

    Thanks fellas!!! Thats not me...thats my buddy from We were laughing at those boots all day...i mean to the point of pissing our pants!!!lol
  • FinestKindFinestKind Posts: 170 Deckhand
    Again, awesome catch!
    By the way, looking at the pic again, was just wondering what are the two blue plastic drums on the transom for?
    Finest Kind
  • ZimmerNoleZimmerNole Posts: 9,244 Officer
    JustinZ wrote: »
    Way to go Jeremy. That is one hell of a wahoo. Great job.

    Here here, :beer

    Well done!

    Are you sure you didn't head to Bimini? That Hoo doesn't look local :wink
    FinestKind wrote: »
    Again, awesome catch!
    By the way, looking at the pic again, was just wondering what are the two blue plastic drums on the transom for?

    I was thinking the same thing....
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  • closcabcloscab Posts: 122 Officer
    Awesome fish!
  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    Its my buddys boat…he's the king of afro engineering!! They are live wells, he tuna fishes in the bahamas a lot this time of the year and believes you can never have enough live bait when tuna That boat has about 300 gallons of live well space on it!

    The fish was caught under a couple frigate birds 30 miles out…we hooked a couple small skipjacks in the same area, i think the hoo's were eating those small skippies. We were hoping for more than one…no luck!!
  • PottymouthPottymouth Posts: 1,547 Officer
    Very nice!
  • Spear'em!Spear'em! Posts: 177 Officer
    Nice one Snooky!
  • bonebone Posts: 1,084 Officer
    Just seen you on TV. Nice fish!!!
  • pk911pk911 Posts: 253 Deckhand
    Nice job on the show today with reel time
  • snookyjsnookyj Posts: 1,687 Officer
    Thanks fellas! Its a blowin down here right now...i wanna get out and fish!!!
  • gsweavergsweaver Posts: 847 Officer
    sweet reel time episode Jeremy. hopefully it the winds will lay down next week..I need to get out also
  • BocaCentury2900BocaCentury2900 Posts: 99 Deckhand
    Very nice!
  • chiliandochiliando Posts: 609 Officer
    ****! Nice fish!!
  • ultraplayer26ultraplayer26 Posts: 814 Officer
    Look at that meat. Nice catch.
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