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Tourist Floating like corks

Well today I decided to fight the wind and try to pick up some trout in Salt Run. White caps and insane winds made the afternoon a bit much but we were able to catch some nice blue fish and lost a couple trout. The highlight of the day was watching a kayak with two University of Missouri students in it flip over. I thought the guy had done it on purpose when he was flirting with the girl freaking out. They waved me down while I was anchored up a few minutes later. Their sit in kayak was filled with water and they were in the middle of the channel. I loaded them up in the boat and tied the kayak off. We get down the creek a bit and there are another kayak filled with girls that were trying to fight the wind. So we loaded them up and pulled them all back to the boat ramp. The kids were all from Misso and had never seen the ocean before. The kayak rental guy lied to them and told them there were no sharks around that area. Those kids were not even a mile from the ocean I've caught sharks out there lol So after filling my truck full of kids and loading the kayaks in my truck we take them back to rental place. The lady at the rental booth got a kick out of it all. I was surprised they rented kayaks with the wind blowing 30mph out there. Met some new friends and had some great laughs at the tourist. Oh it nice being a Flagler student and having all this time on my hands to fish these days. Good times!
That matrix moment when the hook set misses and you avoid the treble flying at your face


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