Etec Lower Engine Covers - fubar

nitroxicatednitroxicated Posts: 27 Greenhorn
Went to do some TLC on my 2012 175 Etecs. Had noticed back latch handle getting hard to unlatch. This time handle snapped off. Spent 30 min just turning handle to get open with pliers. Took side covers off and noticed front bracket mounts at fuel/batt grommet cracked/broken, rear latch housing cracked.

Guy at parts shop said that happens a lot and 1 side cover is $320. None in stock til April. Replacement handle is $50.OUCH!!

The engine and side covers are all flimsy but expensive plastic... Pretty bad design if you ask me.

Instead of buying new side covers every 2 years has anybody figured out a way to repair these things? Can they be epoxied back together?


  • screamin seamanscreamin seaman Posts: 1,492 Officer
    Mine is a 2011 with zero issues.
  • MoneyPitMoneyPit Posts: 20 Greenhorn
    My one side latch was getting stiff....I removed the latch handle and found corrosion. I cleaned the corrosion on that one, put Triple Guard grease on the pin and put back together. No issues since. There are grease fittings on each handle, but if they start to get sticky, remove/clean and grease them up before they break.

    Don't know what you are talking about on the lower covers "front bracket mounts". I have no idea how you could repair....can you post a pic? You should be able to find decent used lower covers somewhere.

    I also grease the threads on the lower cover bolts.
  • nitroxicatednitroxicated Posts: 27 Greenhorn
    Had to drill out the old latch pin, put new one in w/triple guard and O-ring on outside to keep water out-hope it works. Guess you have to check these things more often-never had problems w/old ones. Like mentioned above-take it apart and clean and re-grease it before it gets fubar.

    For the lower cover bracket repair-gooped it up with epoxy and put a thru bolt in it- its holding for now- a lot cheaper than $325!!!
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