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What are you guys using for inshore rod and reels

Ol SargeOl Sarge Posts: 290 Deckhand
Hey Guys
Just wanted to know for those that fish inshore (Specks, Red, Snook, Tarpon) what rod and reel combos are you guys using?


  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,344 Moderator
    Oddly enough, all my reels ended up being Shimano, but I swear it was not by design.
    - Shimano Stradic ci4 4000 on Stellar lite rod; 12# mono. Caught some nice snook with this.
    - Shimano Citica 201e on a Field & Stream rod (hey its a cheap rod, but its nice and light); 15# spyderwire. Trout outfit.
    - Shimano Curado 301e on a Shimano Teramar rod; 20# spyderwire. Trout outfit.
    Also, all rods are 6'6".
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  • fishingfool1488fishingfool1488 Posts: 104 Officer
    That shimano stradic ci4 and Stellar lite combo is nice. That will be my next combo. I have a shimano stradic 3000 on a finor ahab rod, love it but want to get a 4000 too
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  • nelson.1177nelson.1177 Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    I use Hurricane Redbone Rods 7'6" paired with Penn Fierce 2500. For inshore I like to keep my tackle as light as possible since I mostly use swimbaits. I cast a ton and a light outfit keeps me from getting sore wrists. If you take good care of your reels, Fierces go a long way for the price. I save the big bucks for the offshore tackle.
  • 1simplemann1simplemann Posts: 200 Deckhand
    What's your budget? One of my favorite set up's is the Penn Battle Combo for $120 in the 4000 series. That set up rocked for me! Gave it to my BnL. That being said I also have several other set ups w/ Quantum reels on St. Croix travel rods. I really like St. Croix but maybe that's just me.
  • inshorefiremaninshorefireman Posts: 152 Officer
    Recently started using a penn conflict that I really like, and I'm a fan of star rods. I am thinking of trying a calico jack based on the reviews I've seen on here.
  • davederbdavederb Posts: 887 Officer
    All shimano reels as well for inshore. 7' stellar lights with ci4 3000's and ci4 4000's, and a 7' star nickelite rod with a sustain 4000. All reels are smooth and light. Weight is one of the primary factors in all of my setups.
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  • Pescatoral PursuitPescatoral Pursuit Posts: 5,065 Admiral
    Just ditched my stradic/ tidemaster that never quite lived up to the hype for a sedona/ ugly stick select something-or-other. Gained a little weight but casts just as far. Fish cant tell the diff. But my baby is an old revo lefty with a matched vendetta rod which casts a mile and really lays it to the reds when I want it to.

    jcanracer wrote: »
    - Shimano Curado 301e on a Shimano Teramar rod; 20# spyderwire. Trout outfit.

    Trout!? I thought that was your tarpon rig! Def overgunned with that one.
  • Lt.FireDogLt.FireDog Posts: 1,112 Officer

    Reels: Penn Conquer 4000 & Battle 3000 (2), Shimano Calcutta 201B & BaitRunner 3500 and Okuma Trio-30...plus a couple in moving boxes somewhere.

    Rods: GLoomis (2), St Croix (2), BlackFin, Star...plus a couple more in the closet.

    I really like the Penn Battles, for build & price. Happy with my current rod selection but hope to add a couple Chrowder rods this summer, I like the idea of being able to buy quality rods made local (Stuart- Chrowder & BlackFin).
  • Ol SargeOl Sarge Posts: 290 Deckhand
    Hey Greg
    What length are you using? 7' or 7'6" for St Croix never heard of Chrowder
  • jcanracerjcanracer Posts: 4,344 Moderator
    Trout!? I thought that was your tarpon rig! Def overgunned with that one.

    Its my "whatever hits" outfit lol. I sized up for snook, but have only caught trout on it so far haha!
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  • mapachemapache Posts: 262 Officer
    Trout: 10' fresh-cut bamboo, 1.5" thick at the butt. No reel. Tooth twine.
    Snook: Old-*** Penn spinners, no rods with more than 3 original guides.
    Tarpon: 40oz reel w/ 40# mono, rod that can toss a 4# mullet.
    Sharks: Winch, paracord, ash sapling.
  • Lt.FireDogLt.FireDog Posts: 1,112 Officer
    Ol Sarge wrote: »
    Hey Greg
    What length are you using? 7' or 7'6" for St Croix never heard of Chrowder
    Rudy, looks like most of my rods are 7', with 7'4" GLoomis and a 6'6" HalfHitch (semi-custom) thrown in the mix.

    So I'd have to say I'm good with 7 footers. :cool:

    Crowder Rods...spelling mistake on my part. Based in Stuart-
  • ZimmerNoleZimmerNole Posts: 9,244 Officer
    My favorite current inshore/everyday set up?

    Battle 3000 on a 7' star stellar lite (split grip) perfectly balanced, nice and light, but has enough backbone for a decent sized snook, getting a gag out of the mangroves or a cruising small ****. It's my go to choko/mingo combo and I'll throw soft plastics and pitch live baits all day with this combo.

    I have have a Battle 3000 on a hurricane redbone 7'6, which can cast a country mile.

    Then I have an assortment of older Penn SS 4300, 4400, 4500 etc.
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  • Ol SargeOl Sarge Posts: 290 Deckhand
    I have a st croix mojo inshore ML 7'6 with a Stradic 2500
    And a st croix mojo M 7'6 Stradic 4000 just wondering if had enough backbone for snook small tarpon

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  • Brandon561Brandon561 Posts: 233 Deckhand
    Shimano spheros 4000fb w/ Connley inshore rod 12-20
    Shimano Saros 3000 w/ Star Stellar lite 8-17
    Shimano Symetre 3000 w/ Hurricane redbone 8-17
    All rods are 7ft
    Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 A.K.A Reel Nauti
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