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Okay, so here's what I'm thinking about the great white sharks...

Every year around this time they seem to like to stay closer to the beach.....Lydia was tagged right off the jetties, Mary Lee makes her yearly migration down this way, Katherine has spent all winter down here and is now right off Nassau sound....

And since some have theorized that they are following the right whales...me included....there have been few right whales around here that I know of.

But there has been no shortage of drum.....So I'm beginning to believe they eat those big drum, and that's why they are hanging around close to the beach. A big fat roe-ladden drum would be a nice meal for a hungry Great White. And are probably pretty easy for them to catch.

Don't really know of anything else that would keep them here like that...even Mary Lee is making here way back here as we speak...

There's no seals, not many whales, there's plenty of porpoise but I imagine they are hard to catch even for a GW...:willynilly




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