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How far can you cast and with what?

Pioneer180Pioneer180 Posts: 124 Deckhand
The other day Rick Murphy gave a talk at our fishing club. At one point he highlighted that with certain rod size (like 1/2 foot longer but don't remember well) he could cast an extra 65 yards. I was like, ****?? So he means he can cast at least 65 yards (195') to begin with and then with a longer rod he can cast 390'? :huh I can't even cast 65 yards! Maybe with a 5lbs line and a 4oz lure LOL! Anyway, of course I am a relatively newbie and my lightest setup is a 7.5' Calico Jack rod with a 3000 Battle reel with 12lbs braid. With a 1/4oz Johnson gold spoon I can cast it maybe 100' (33yrds). So (with more practice) how far can I expect to cast with what? How you do and with what equipment? Looking to try to set some reasonable goals for self improvement :wink


  • Jim311Jim311 Posts: 4,961 Captain
    I believe the longest cast ever made is in excess of 850 feet. Granted it was probably made with a surf casting rod that was 15 feet long and with a large weight, but it just goes to show you that there is some truth to the length of the rod helping you sling some lead. A long rod, light braided line, and the right lure can cast a long ways. When the water is clear and fish are spooky long casts can pay off, and you can cover more water if you can cast further. Anyway I don't believe anyone is going to know exactly how far they can cast, I doubt most of us bring out the measuring tape just to find out.
  • kmagnusskmagnuss Posts: 3,237 Captain
    Ok you got me curious... gonna bring a range finder with me next time out and see what I can come up with.

    For starters I'll say that he's full of crap if 65yards EXTRA comes from 1/2 a foot of rod. I'd guess I can cast at most 65 yards with a 7'5" rod and some sort of spoon.
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  • SCFD rtrd.SCFD rtrd. Posts: 1,390 Officer
    Just curious, why would you need to cast more than 100 ft. or 150 ft. I started using 8'-6" rods several years ago because I wanted more distance. I fish with live bait (white bait) so if I'm casting against the wind a longer rod is a real advantage. 65 [email protected]@#$
  • Ol'DirtyCasterOl'DirtyCaster Posts: 2,405 Captain
    My guess is you missed the sales pitch. I fish everything from 5'6" ultralites to 10' haymakers, and with an appropriate sized kastmaster spoon and braid (6lb on the little stuff to 60lb hollow core on the big rig), that spoon is going to cast somewhere in the neighborhood of 300-350'. Once you get into 13' rods and pendulum casts you'll see an increase in distance, but try doing anything other than blasting a set line out past the break and you're going to need a chiropractor.
  • Anclote KeyAnclote Key Posts: 2,354 Officer
    I don't know how for but I have a 7'6" Calico Jack also and it casts a soft plastic pretty far. I've broke a few off trying for distance. I drift the grass flats a lot so I just put the wind at my back and give it a hurl.
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  • Pioneer180Pioneer180 Posts: 124 Deckhand
    Ok. Let's stick to 7'-8.5' rods which is what you see most. I'll be casting artificial lures. Of course I don't expect people to actually measure it with a tape measure. My home is about 50' wide so I see I can easily cast the setup above double that so that is how I figure about 100-125ft.
  • Montana1Montana1 Posts: 212 Deckhand
    Pioneer180 wrote: »
    With a 1/4oz Johnson gold spoon I can cast it maybe 100' (33yrds).

    I would hope so, I have friends who can cast farther then that with a 5wt flyrod. They compete in several casting contests every year, so they are not casting to fish, just for pure distance, but if you can't cast a spinning rod farther then a guy with a fly rod, you really need to practice.
  • superdupersuperduper Posts: 1,927 Captain
    100 ft is far. 100 rulers next to each other
  • CoydogCoydog Posts: 418 Deckhand

    Not sure how much line, but it is rated for about 240yds (720ft) of 15lb mono. Even if he was using 20 lb mono which holds 170 yds (510').

    He is using a 12' rod and conventional reel.
  • Pioneer180Pioneer180 Posts: 124 Deckhand
    That looks impressive but that reel didn't seem full to begin with and he says he says he is casting a 6oz lead. That is huge. Anyway as I said I am looking more at smaller rods.
  • Black GnatBlack Gnat Posts: 61 Greenhorn
    Check out this dude's launcher...

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