Fat Jax 2/9/14 Report (1st Rig Trip of '14)

Well, with the weather window here, we took the opportunity to make an impromptu rig trip.

We (My Brother Mark, Zach and me took off from Pensacola about noon on Saturday, the seas were supposed to calm over the next 48+ hours, getting calmer and calmer. The forecast were right on (Thanks reefcast)… now to the fishing…

We stopped a couple places reroute to see what was around. We caught some nice AJ’s reroute. Threw the smaller legal ones back to grow a little more…. Seas were 1 -2 footers going out, with a following sea, no problem running at a good speed. First spot we hit, I drop a jig down about 50 feet, something hits and drag starts singing (oh how I love that sound) few minutes later, the first BFT in the boat.

Marks get hooked up on his first BFT and he is playing around on the bow with it until I hear MAKO!!!!! Being screamed from the bow. Well the 9 footer MUGGED his BFT for lunch at the surface, and that was that….

Zach finally got the hang of the “Pull up, Reel DOWN” thing and he quickly became the “Tuna Killer” BFT after BFT in the boat. He caught one of the largest Rainbow Runners I have ever seen, it was about 34 inches. He also got the biggest AJ of the trip going about 50+ or so pounds….

We did see several YFT’s on the surface, they weren’t “turned on” so to speak. They missed our poppers and they seemed to be in the 80-100 Pound range. We were working on them until a boat came in on us on ½ plane right through the school (50-100 feet from us) sending them way deep. Never did get them back up…. great…. Not sure what all that was about….

Great trip and GREAT seas. Good friends, and it’s in the log book! There is nothing like fishing BIG water in nice weather.

Total Talley:
28 BFT’s (The neighbors are eating some of them)
3 AJ’s (all about 40-50 pounders)
Several other miscellaneous fish (future shark bait)

I hope you enjoy the Pics


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