March Monster Trout Madness - 3-1-2014

Launched from the Skyway at low tide with the water temperature at 64.6 degrees and noted lots of visible sand and exposed oyster bars. Tide table indicated a 0 foot low tide with the new moon in full effect. We made our way over to some flats and started catching lots of ladyfish but found no sign of trout, reds or snook. Decided to go into a bayou with a deep hole and lots of oyster bars and grass flats. My buddy finally connects with some decent fish and catches a nice 21" red and then quickly lands a large 24" gator trout.

I finally spot and spook 6 large fish sitting in sand holes; I recognize the fish as snook basking in the sun. After settling down we attempt to entice the snook to strike. After multiple failed attempts I put on a spook in bone silver and see a large wake following. The fish continues to follow, I pause, continue and see a huge snook which I estimate to be well over 38". She finally attempts to hit but misses then sees my yak and leaves the area. We move on and I work over some mullet schools and finally land a keeper redfish.

As we worked our way out of the bayou, I hit some oyster bars with fast moving water and get a hard hit that feels like a nice redfish. As the fish gets closer to my yak I notice spots and what appears to be at least a 28" gator trout. My heart races and I attempt to net her multiple times and finally get her in the net but she flops out and breaks off. I manage to capture the whole episode on my GoPro. At this point I am feeling devastated having lost my personal best trout and had a personal best snook hit and miss. We move out of the bayou into a much larger area and I land a nice 19" trout.

As the day moves on, I receive another hard hit and suspect a good mid-size red fish. It pulls drag and avoids my yak like the plague. I finally wear her out and see another gator trout, this time I do not miss with the net and capture this happy moment on my GoPro. I feel redeemed and relieved! :)

24" Gator in the House

We manage to land a few more small reds and trout for the rest of the day and finally make our way in as the bite dies down.

24" Gator Landed


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