A pig question ....

Jerry R LJerry R L Posts: 43 Deckhand
Is it better to harvest pigs from fall - to spring ( not during the summer)

Something to do with diseases and such???

I haven't been on the forum for quite a while, I'm still hard at it, nothing to show for it yet....lol.
I'm still seeing animals, also learning the land area finding good spots for next year... It amazes me
How much a little rain changes sooo much of the terrain....

I think that I have an opportunity to hunt on some private land ... Hints the question at hand



  • DoradoDreaminDoradoDreamin Posts: 1,964 Captain
    Shoot them anytime you can. Just have to clean them and get them on ice faster in the summer.
  • AllenRAllenR Posts: 2,699 Captain
    I shot one Memorial day weekend last year. It was so hot, humid and nasty the blow flies were on it before I could walk back to my truck and load it up. That was probably the best eating hog I killed all year
  • Iggy7Iggy7 Posts: 58 Greenhorn
    Yep...I've shot, cleaned and eaten them year-round. No difference in the summer.
  • flydownflydown Posts: 6,464 Admiral
    There is no bad time to thin the swine..
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  • Jerry R LJerry R L Posts: 43 Deckhand
    Thanx guys....
  • bgeorgebgeorge Plant City FLPosts: 1,453 Officer
    If you shoot them at dusk the flies are not a problem. Mosquitos can be. We process them year round and never have any issues.
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