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some welcome company

I think Dad said they were Navy Grumman Wildcats


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    This picture just said "ready"
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    F4U Corsair. Saw one fly at the NAS Jax Blue Angles airshow 2 years ago.
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    Asked him and he said you could be right for sure but then he said they were most probably Marine planes in his picture as the Navy preferred the Hellcats over the Corsairs.

    He said the Corsairs were tough to land on a carrier. Seeing that these planes are on a field Marine planes would make perfect sense to him. Well he is 88+ years old and it's been a long, long time, but his mind is still sharp enough to remember some facts.
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    Whoa........ Dad sat staring at that picture for a long time and said that those planes were indeed Grumman WILDCATS, the predecessor to the Grumman Hellcats.

    I looked it up for him and he may be right, take a look at this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grumman_Martlet

    Not only that but his mind kicked into hyper-drive and said that that picture was supposed to say UN-welcome company.......Say what Dad?

    He chuckled and then told me the story.

    That pic is not overseas but in Yuma Arizona. It seems some Navy pilots from a base in California were "buzzing" the Army Air Corp Field as a joke. The commander of the field got very angry and sent up a squadron and forced them down. He said it was an unfair fight as the Navy planes were un-armed and the Army Air Corp planes had live ammo and the OK to fire some off. Well the Commander got the last laugh. He parked the Navy planes and trucked the Navy pilots.............to just outside the gate of the airfield and sent them walking...........in Yuma Arizona !!!! Dad and his friends walked over and took some pictures of the trophies.....Now there has to be some sort of record of that comical incident somewhere. It is just too wild to not be noticed by someone. It has to be true Dad doesn't make up stories, never.

    This is fun.I'm enjoying prying the stories from dad. I loved watching his face light up when he told that one. I think he is having fun also.
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    The Grumman Wildcat and Hellcat both had 3-bladed props. Corsairs had a 4 bladed prop.
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    fishinbug wrote: »
    The Grumman Wildcat and Hellcat both had 3-bladed props. Corsairs had a 4 bladed prop.

    Thanks. I am going to tell him that ... but gently. He's 88+ and I don't want him to stop telling me about his pictures. He was about 18years old and just in training when this happened and may have been mistaken about the type of planes that were forced down on the field from day one. Darn, that's 70 years ago.
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    He drug out his WW2 airplane book and agreed they were Corsairs. "But the brass told us they were Wildcats" he said. Again he was just past 18 years of age when this occurred, 70 years ago.

    He added that he didn't know much about "Navy planes" but the best all around fighter in his estimation was the P47. He said it took a lot to bring one down and they were as fast as the Mustang.

    One or two pictures a day for the stories. I'll not press him harder.
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    He said he never was around fighters much. I guess he feels bad miss-labeling any plane. Dad said he flew in B-25's, B-17's, B-24's and his favorite the B-29. Now I just hate flying but even looking at his B-29 photos I can feel the power of that aircraft. Dad just glows when he looks at those B-29 pictures and talks about them.
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    My great uncle flew a B-29 with the 40th Bombardment Group. Your thread has inspired me to search the archives more. Thanks for posting the personal pictures.
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    Great photos but the narration by your dad makes them priceless.
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