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Biscayne bay fishing partner...

BonesmugglerBonesmuggler Posts: 133 Officer
To all my fellow fly anglers and those not yet introduced to the sport I write this post to you in regards to finding a bud to fish Biscayne bay with. I run out of a 16'ft redfisher can definitely huck a fly can pole know the area ok still learning always and forever learning. mostly fish flamingo, my friends never want to fish the bay and the only guy I ever go with in biscayne has a list of friends so long sometimes goes weeks without fishing the bay. Drop a line the season is upon us to stick some ghosts devils and kings... Mahalo tight lines rip lips let's feesh...


  • pjstevkopjstevko Posts: 513 Officer
    I've never fished Biscayne or Flamingo and would love to give it a try. I have been on and around boats my whole life so I know the proper protocol and etiquette when it comes to all aspects of fishing. I used to own a 17'ft Aquasport when i lived in the keys so I understand the cost of running/owning a boat and don't mind paying for my fair share of the costs. I fish out of Choko in a kayak around 6-7 days a month.

    I'm new to fly fishing but I can cast well, have all the appropriate gear for the area, 8 wt set up, around 60 or so flies, and I've even spent a little time on a poling platform. I got weekends and every other Monday off and I've got no problem driving a couple hours for a good days fishing so if you think this might work for ya send me a pm and lets exchange numbers....

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