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Fly Ideas Based on Materials

AmuricanAmurican Posts: 168 Officer
I have a limited supply of materials. Anyone have any fly ideas based on the materials in the pic? Anything for inshore reds and trouts, or panhandle beach fishing. I've been tying quite a few clousers lately and need some new ones. Pics would be great too.
Fly fishing isn't just a hobby, it's a passion.


  • AmuricanAmurican Posts: 168 Officer
    Just bought 10 packs of EP fibers for $40, seemed like a good deal. Lots of baitfish to tie.
    Fly fishing isn't just a hobby, it's a passion.
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,839 Captain
    Here's one that will work just right with the materials you're showing... You're also going to want some large bead chain eyes and a bit of light wire (all described in the following recipe....). This "guide pattern" is called the /Whitewater Clouser and we use it quite a bit in the interior and gulf coast of the 'Glades.... This is an excerpt of a post I did on another site entirely..... Enjoy...


    The Whitewater Clouser...

    Hook: Mustad 34007 2/0

    Eyes: Largest bead chain (most hardware stores call it "plumber's chain", it's also the size used on patio door vertical blind pull chains. Eyes are tied in one full eye width to the rear of the hook eye...

    Body: None - what you see is fl. fire orange flat waxed nylon, used to secure the eyes then built up in two layers for a "body" that's at least 1/2" long. The entire thread is then super glued and allowed to dry....

    Thread: Once the eyes are tied into position switch to Danville's flat waxed fl. green (these days I'm using 210 denier fl. green Uni instead...).

    Weedguard: A must when fishing the 'Glades, optional in places where you aren't going to be hitting mangrove roots or similar snags... Each is a small piece of #5 coffee trolling wire (I like Malin's) with a tiny hook bent into one end. The "hook" or hairpin is tied in place in front of the eyes on the point side of the hook and allowed to sit there until the entire fly is finished - then its bent down (actually "up" for a reverse type wing like this one) into position, trimmed so that it barely reaches the first of the barb, then a final tiny bend... See photo for pic of weedguards ready to use in tying... The thing everyone using these will find is that you'll need a band-aid or two while learning to tie around that wire sticking out....

    Wing: Bucktail, bleached white, twice the length of the hook, tied in on the top only when the hook is mounted point up in the vise.

    Flash: six to twelve strands of pearl Flashabou with staggered ends on top of the bucktail.

    Finally a similar amount of fl. chartreuse (or fl. green) bucktail on top of the white bucktail. A generous head is then formed with thread, whip finished (not easy with that wire weedguard sticking out...)then super glued and allowed to dry. The last step is to bend the weedguard into position as noted above...

    For my own uses (this a typical "guide fly", quick to tie, easy to obtain materials -I usually want at least a half dozen aboard when I have fly anglers. I don't finish this fly at all - just the super glue (I prefer Krazy Glue in the small plastic squeeze tube) and that's all. When they're being done for a shop I'll do a coat of Sally Hansen's to pretty it up...

    Note: This bug was designed to used by at least an 8wt rod (a 9 is better). For lighter rods I'd go down at least one hook size... Unlike most Clousers you're familiar with this one has the wing all on one side of the hook only. Many years ago Lefty Kreh wrote that he preferred tying his that way, so I took the hint and ran with it...

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