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Thought I would give it a shot. This is actually for my wife. She has been out of work for over a year. She was working at a bar/pool hall. She was basically the manager. She done inventory, scheduling of the bartenders, shopping for food and essentials for the business, cleaned and maintained, help prepare for special events and implemented and maintained the pricing of food and drinks in the computer system.
When she was let go, she decided to pursue her CNA(certified nursing assistant) certificate. After several months, she found a job at a nursing home. Well, its not turning out well and when she went through the interview process, she told them that she already had vacation planned and money down for a house for the week between Christmas and New Years and they agreed it wouldn't be a problem for her to have that time off.
Well low and behold the schedule comes out, and has her working that week. Now its not just that, the working conditions and the condition of the residence are aweful. She is just not happy there.
While I'm on my soapbox....folks, if you have elderly family members, please, please make sure you do your research on nursing homes, or try to find a way to take care of them yourselves.
Anyway, if anyone has anything open or knows of anything, p.m me. My wife is not afraid of work, and does not need to make thousands doing it. No benefits necessary.


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    I have a friend that is retired from ATnT and she was spending too much money. She started sitting with elders. Once she learned what she wanted, she could take some jobs and pass on others. The agencies only pay min wage but now after a year, most of her jobs are cash on the side which is $15 an hour. Now get this, she could work 50 hours a week if she wanted to. 15 is 30 yr, without taxes is closer to 45k.
    Might not be an end all answer but could put herself through nursing school!
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