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Rosemary Beach Trip

Hello Everyone! My wife and I are staying at a friends house 7/31 through 8/4 this year. I want to do some surf fishing while there. Any ideas how fishing may be that time of year. I have only started surf fishing last year and never have in the Panama City area. I fished the surf on Dog Island last September and October. Had pretty good luck then.

Thanks for your time and info y'all can provide.


  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 8,518 Moderator
    There's not telling, really. That time of year you have a shot at just about anything, but no one species will be super-thick. If you can get to a pier and catch a live bait or two, you should be able to play with some kings early and late in the day.

    What time of year did you fish Dog Island and how did you fish?
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  • reel stamasreel stamas Posts: 6,153 Admiral
    As above... The water is really hot by then & there's usually not too much happening on the beach after ~9A... If you fish dead bait on the bottom you will likely catch catfish & small sharks, but you never know...
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  • arrector_pilusarrector_pilus Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    My first time surf fishing was last September on Dog island off Carrabelle. I had single rod supplied by the owner of the home we rented and fished the high tides, at daylight and about 2 hours before sunset. Fished from the beach using sand fleas and fish bites for bait. Caught tons of Lady fish, several Bluefish, 1 Pompano, several catfish, and a string ray. Went back 1 month later, October 14th, this time with my own rod and reel. Fish for 4 days from Dawn to dusk, straight through all of the tides. Using only sand fleas fishing from the beach I caught fish all day. Trip start out slow as I was trying to fish the edges and between the sand bars. Casting out about 150 feet or so. Caught 2 Pompano, a few black drums, and 2 bonnet head sharks. Noticed while stand in knee-deep surf and notice i a Redfish swimming around me I retreated to the beach and began casting the top out about 25 feet on the top of the sand bars. I caught 5 slot sized Redfish and two many black drum to count. So now I am hooked.

    I am going to Cape San Blas in May, Rosemary Beach in August, and black to Dog Island in October. I have 2 surf rods now both 10' Penn Spinfisher rods with Penn Spinfisher V SSV6500 reels.
  • arrector_pilusarrector_pilus Posts: 12 Greenhorn
    I was worried the water may be too warm in August. We are going to go for 4 days so I guess I will see what happens. I plan to use Sand Fleas and fishbites for bait. IF things are really slow I may try to get to a pier.
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