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New French fisherman in Florida.

OhmybuzzOhmybuzz Posts: 2 Greenhorn
Hello to everyone,

First of all I would like you to apologize me for my terrible english. My name is Baptiste, I'm a French student who is going to do an internship at FSU in Tallahassee.

In France I fish bass, bass and bass. So, i will not have particular question about bass fishing. My question will be about the little lakes in Tallahassee. Do you know if this place are good to fish ? What places are good, bad etc ?

The main point will be abour saltwater fishing. I read that THE fish to catch is Redfish. But I know nothing about the tackle, It can be rod, reel, lure, line. I only fish with lure and i would like to know what tackle i will need ?
I also read that we can catch Tarpon, Jack, Trout ... During summer what are the best fish to catch ?
Can you give some good place to fish not far from Tallahassee ? Some good guides ?

I will take all the advice you will give to me.

Thank you and another time, sorry for my english :grin !


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