hawks channel and pilchards

I am heading to islamarada this weekend was wondering where is the hawks channel since its not marked . I know it runs on the reef but wats the depth and is it in sand or rock,also where are the pilchards this time of year gulf side or ocean side. thanks for the help.


  • BD27BD27 Posts: 1,179 Officer
    Hawks Channel is the area in between Land and the Reef . Pick up a map of the area the depths have shelves, in other words heading to the reef you will be in the 10's then 20's then 30's . There are some areas in the 40's and 50 (but not many) The channel is full of patch reefs (get a map) but it also has coral heads that come very close to the surface in some of the shallower areas (out to 20 foot depths). It has sand , rock and mud . I'll let someone else answer about the Pilchards as I am in the lower keys and wouldn't be of any help for Islamorada. Don't forget to post a report to let us know how you did. Good Luck
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