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Good few hours of fishing, Reds Trout and Black Drum

Well Sunday Richard and I went out to the same spot I did well in last weekend, the fish weren't there the sun was behind the clouds and it was chilly the fish were somewhere on the bottom not moving, the thing was where? After a good hour or so of searching we finally found some fish. Before I go on let me explain this, my friend was using a 4' 6" ladyangler rod as a joke with 2 pound test.. anyways first bite was on that rod lol.. turned out to be a 22 inch black drum. After that we stayed in this spot we made our way through the rats and the smaller slot fish and finally got on a few good ones. One that was 26 the rest were around the low 20's. Caught a few trout 15-17 inches mixed in too but only brought home 2 reds and the drum. Caught over 30 reds, 1 drum, and 3 trout. Decent few hours on the water we fished shrimp on a Sureset Jighead.


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