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Sunday sheepin'

Launched for the last few hours of the outgoing after realizing nobody had fiddlers, but that didn't stop us from hunting down some sheep. First cast produced a trout and we got into a good 12" sea bass bite before Joey gets blown up but it wasn't no sheep!


His PB red and he was stoked. Not 5 min later he hooked into the target species -- also a PB.


Not to be outdone, I slung a stud over the rail!


"The one that got away once" had a little piercing -- very punk rock.


My wife decided to get in on the action after the tide switched.


Before hitting the ramp we explored a few creeks and found a big school of redfish. My wife weeded through the rats to get a nice slot fish -- the first on her new rod/reel setup!


Called it around 2 with enough groceries for a few suppers and smiles all around.



are you a Badfish, too?


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