Seris 70 1911 in nickle, 2 colt mags included.

If you know what this is you'll know 500 is a solid deal. Shoots great but I'm a wheel gun fella.some holster wear .
"Those who will trade freedom for security will have neither".


  • lilwoodylilwoody Posts: 1,076 Officer
    I just took it out of the safe and it needs a good cleaning, which I'll give it.
    "Those who will trade freedom for security will have neither".
  • iad63iad63 Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    My email is [email protected] can you please send me pics and location. Very interested!

    I'll Take It First!

  • guido4198guido4198 Posts: 2,245 Captain
    If that is a "Commander length" Colt ( not a "parts gun").. 1911 in .45 acp ( you didn't provide caliber), this is an "I'll take it".
    Have cash and can meet this week-end.
  • wizard78wizard78 Posts: 516 Officer
    If guido doesn't take this and You're within 150 miles of Port Saint Lucie, I'll take. I also have a couple of Smith revolvers available for trade, if you were interested in them instead of cash.
    Thanks, Steve

    ETA: I have a couple of big bore Rugers that I would trade too.
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