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1-27 Off Cudjoe - a Deep drop triple header for a first timer

Dave came out to try deep dropping on the urbanRenewal with Bugsy and I . First off we set up some trolling gear and started working our way out. It was a nice boat ride but we didn't have any action trolling. Lots of scattered weeds at about 400 feet made trolling a PITA so we pulled in the trolling gear and headed out deep.

We set up and found we had a good drift. It was a little bouncy but manageable. On the second drift we hooked up. Dave got some instruction on what to do and went to work bringing up the fish.

First Tilefish!

One or two drifts later the rod bangs hard and Dave goes back to work.


Things slowed down a little so I let a drift continue a little further into bottom I hadn't explored. We watched something peck away, then give a good pull. Dave was ready with a few turns of the handle and it was fish on. He went back to work.


A couple more drifts, two more Tiles and it was time to go back to the dock.

On his first try Dave scored a triple header for deep drop fish. Outstanding!
Capt. Tom Urban, "urbanRenewal", Cudjoe Key, FL www.LooeKeyReefAdventures.com


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