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found at the palm valley ramp

I was out the other day and found a pair of sunglasses at the ramp so if they're yours and you can describe them i'll get them back to you asap :USA


  • fsu11fsu11 Posts: 2,098 Captain
    2 lenses and 2 arms, lenses are shades as to protect my eyes from the sun :grin
    Goodluck finding the owner, nice to know theres still good people out there
  • Anonymous3Anonymous3 Posts: 5,987 Officer
    Thanks for being who you are..... I wish a forum member would have found my 1/4" drive Blue Point socket set there a couple of years ago. I took off without closing one of the tool box doors after a 12 hour rebuild ( while a customer was wahoo'in ) and it fell out, I guess. Scoured my path within 15 minutes and it was gone. That is one reason I tell everyone about the NE forum and encourage them to participate, it is a place for like minded people to connect. Thanks again for being a part of our community, Wade
  • southboundchickensouthboundchicken Posts: 711 Officer
    thanks fellas, I find a lot of stuff at the ramp, found almost $40 in cash once .... a $10 here a $20 over there a $5 and some singles... must have slipped out of someones pants when they were digging for the keys.... no i.d. or anything just cash sure made a nice bbq lunch for me and my brother.... these aint cheap shades and they are in decent shape i'm sure the owner would like them back
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