Looking for a Hotel in the Miami area with boat parking.

Me and some friends will be stopping in Miami for a few days to fish Biscayne Bay before heading to the Keys in May. Wanted to know if anyone knew of some hotels that had decent parking with the truck and trailer. When we came down last year, we stayed at the red roof near the airport. We managed to pull it off but we had to undo the trailer and back it into its own parking space and there was no good way to keep batteries charged.


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    There is a large motel in Florida city (Fairway Inn). Florida city is a high crime area, but this motel has a barbed wire fence around the entire place, but the front entrance is not guarded. Half of their units are ground level so i don't think it would be a problem to park your boat in front of your room, but you would still have to disconnect the trailer from your vehicle. You could recharge the boat's batteries with an extension cord. however you might have to be present to do this, since the unit's door probably could not be locked while the extension cord is coming out of the room. I would call them and ask if they would allow the boat to be parked in front of your door.

    I would recommend that you remove all valuables from the boat and you might also want to use a wheel boot. This place is about 9 miles west from the excellent boat ramps at Homestead Bayfront Park on Biscayne Bay, and is an easy drive with no worries concerning rush hour traffic.

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