Lower Keys Reef Report 21 Jan

Got out on Easy Rider yesterday, just ahead of the front that came in. Blue Water was pushed right up to the edge of the reef as we crossed over and put out a trolling spread to work our way toward Maryland Shoal.

Soon after setting the spread we picked up a couple of Dolphin (in 100') and some Bonita. Wasn't expected, but was welcomed (dolphin I didn't expect, bonita I did). As we approached Maryland, we hooked up a Sail that managed to come unbuttoned.

We only had a half day to bring how the dinner, and the front was arriving earlier than I expected. Very little current, most was wind driven, but what little current there was headed East. We dropped anchor in 60' and started chumming and chunking the Bonita while keeping an eye to the North West.

Wasn't fast and furious catching.... but it was quality catching once my anglers (from Ohio and Colo) figured out the "how-to" part of snapper fishing.....

There were Big Mangroves....


And Big Yellowtails....


And as you can see, the front was moving in....


Knowing that we would be running through the leading edge of the front, I called it and we headed in. There was a small gap in rain bands that would let us get back to the dock and clean fish before the next shower came, and I wanted to make sure we were there for it.

The gang all sat in the Salon and enjoyed the ride as we headed into this....


We hit the gap at the dock, got fish cleaned, and let Mother Nature handle the next washdown. :)

Catch'em Up!

Hero's Don't Wear Capes....They Wear Dog Tags.


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